Biblioteca Cultural XCMG

20 de junho de 2018
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Na Terça-feira do dia 20/06 foi inaugurada a primeira sessão de cultura chinesa na biblioteca municipal da cidade Pouso Alegre. Na inauguração contamos com a presença da Superintendente de Cultura de Pouso Alegre, Regina Franco, o Controlador Geral de Pouso Alegre, Hamilton Magalhães e nossa Diretora Cultural, Mrs. Karen.


A biblioteca está aberta ao público e pode ser feito o empréstimo dos livros na Biblioteca Municipal (antigo fórum). Os gêneros vão de literatura clássica até apresentações das cidades chinesas.

Vá visitar e conhecer os livros!




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21 de maio de 2018
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A XCMG é mais que uma empresa que se preocupa com seus clientes e funcionários! Ela acredita que a sociedade também é sua responsabilidade!
No dia 18 de maio a XCMG fez a doação de instrumentos musicais ao CAPS, Centro de Atenção Psicossocial, para auxiliar no tratamento dos pacientes!

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-18 at 21.43.13 WhatsApp Image 2018-05-18 at 21.42.14 WhatsApp Image 2018-05-18 at 21.40.44

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Dia das Mães na XCMG!

11 de maio de 2018
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Hoje comemoramos o Dia das Mães na XCMG!

Nós celebramos esse dia com flores e chocolates. As flores representam a beleza de todas elas e os chocolates a doçura de cada uma, que permanece mesmo passando por dificuldades.

A XCMG deseja que todas as mamães tenham um dia repleto de carinho e amor!! Na verdade, todos os dias são seus!! <3


DSC_4188 DSC_4202 DSC_4231 DSC_4242 DSC_4244 DSC_4248 DSC_4252

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XCMG de Norte a Sul

9 de maio de 2018
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A XCMG está presente na Agrotins que está acontecendo em Palmas no Tocantins.
Venha conhecer e nos visitar!



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TOP 10 News of XCMG in 2017

4 de janeiro de 2018
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China’s President Xi Jinping Praises XCMG’s Innovative Contributions to Industry

On the afternoon of December 12, 2017, Xi Jinping, President of China, visited the premises of Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd. (XCMG) in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province. President Xi got into the all-terrain crane cab of the new XCA220 Model and asked technicians about the performance, production, and price of the crane. The product, which was fully developed in-house by XCMG, makes use of over thirty patents and is deployed in markets throughout the developed world. President Xi expressed his affirmation and encouragement toward constantly innovative enterprises such as XCMG. Benefiting from the Belt and Road Initiative, XCMG will expand its international layout throughout the whole world.

President Xi sat in the cab of all-terrain crane XCA220


President Xi listened to a brief introduction on XCMG’s participation in the Belt and Road construction


XCMG President Mr. Wang Min Participated In the 19th CPC National Congress

Elected as representative of the 19th CPC National Congress for four consecutive times, Mr. Wang Min made a brief report on the delegation opening day. Spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress points out the direction for the transformation and development path we will take toward a brighter future. Mr. Wang Min proposed that XCMG should become a global leader in the construction machinery industry, which won widespread support from the delegates.


Wang Min, Representative of the 19th CPC National Congress


Export Substantially Rising And Excelling Industry Peers

According to customs data, XCMG YOY increase reached nearly 90% in 2017 and it becomes the first brand in Africa, Asia Pacific, Central Asia and West Asia North Africa. For more than 30 years, XCMG has been sowing the seeds of overseas development as the No.1 exporter in China’s construction machinery industry. Today, we have over 40 branches and offices, 300 distributors, 500 dealers, and our export covers 178 countries and regions worldwide. Besides, XCMG attaches great importance to after-sales service and established 134 overseas service&spare parts centres.


XCMG in the World


Rodrigo Duterte, Philippines President, Held A Meeting With Mr. Wang Min

From Feb 23rd to 27th in 2017, Mr. Wang Min, President of XCMG, conducted a successful visit to the Philippines with delegates of XCMG representatives. President Rodrigo Duterte met with Mr. Wang Min and held a brief meeting. Mr. Wang Min introduced XCMG’s development since its entry into the Philippines and President Rodrigo Duterte highly appreciated XCMG’s contribution to the infrastructure construction and environmental protection.


President Rodrigo Duterte and Mr. Wang Min


KHL Yellow Table 2017: XCMG Becomes The ONLY Chinese Enterprise In TOP 10

In the ranking released by KHL, the world-leading information provider on construction machinery industry, XCMG ranks NO.8 and successfully becomes the only Chinese construction machinery enterprise listed in TOP10 around the world. Against the downward trend of the whole construction machinery industry in 2016, XCMG made corresponding adjustments and moved from NO.9 in 2016 to NO.8 in 2017, fully justifying its strength and potential in the international platform.


Ranking released by KHL


XCMG Mining Solution Package Reshaping The Landscape Of Global Mining Equipment Market

On August 30, XCMG saw the holding of grand export delivery ceremony for complete sets of XCMG heavy mining equipment, including 300t hydraulic excavators, 120t electric drive dumpers, 40t sprinklers, 300hp graders, 410hp wheel dozers and 8t loaders, a total export value of nearly USD 200 million.


Export Delivery Ceremony For Complete Sets Of XCMG Large-scale Mining Equipment


Today, complete sets of heavy mining equipment have become the strategic products of XCMG, with the breakthrough improvements achieved in products, technologies, quality and markets. XCMG offers mining solution package, including hydraulic excavators ranging from 70 to 700 tons, dumpers from 90 to 360 tons, loaders from 8 to 12 tons, graders from 300 to 550 horsepower and wheel dozers from 350 to 560 horsepower. XCMG has become the one and only company in China that can research, develop and produce complete sets of heavy open-pit mining equipment, and changed the competition pattern in the global sector. Moreover, XCMG received the award delivered by Rio Tinto for hydraulic cylinders working 100,000 hours accumulatively at Rio Tinto mine sites in Australia.


Award delivered by Rio Tinto for 100,000 operating hours


XCMG Mining Solution Package At The Mine Site


The Journey Of XCMG Rebranding “Made In China” In The World

Corresponding to its global strategy, XCMG proactively takes step on the worldwide activities. From 7th to 11th of March, CONEXPO-CON/AGG was grandly held in Las Vegas, USA. As the representative of China’s construction machinery manufacturer and the pioneer in intelligent manufacturing, XCMG showed its excellent products with cutting-edge technology at the exhibition and won widespread recognition and praise from global customers.




As the vanguard of the construction machinery industry in China, XCMG became a highlight at the EXCON exhibition, from 12th to 16th of December in Bangalore, India, when it showed up with many of its feature products. Occupying the large outdoor booth at this exhibition, XCMG and XCMG Schwing Stetter of India exhibited together 48 sets of construction machinery (including 12 sets of XCMG) within the area of 3000m2, attracting the wide attention of exhibitors and customers from all over the world. News about President Xi’s visit to XCMG made XCMG booth more noticeable and won support from exhibitors and customers.


XCMG Schwing Stetter of India Booth at EXCON


At BICES 2017 in Beijing, XCMG proudly presented its extensive line of products with 15 machines and 1 model, ranging from an all-terrain crane to a tandem vibratory roller. At an exhibition space covering more than 1200m2, XCMG showcased its newest technology and machines. With a global R&D team as high powered as its machines, XCMG has always managed to stay ahead of the curve, identifying and seizing opportunities to meet its customer demands amid ever-changing market landscape.


XCMG Booth at BICES 2017


XCMG Shone At The 2017 World Crane And Transport Summit

In November, 2017 World Crane and Transport Summit was held in Amsterdam by KHL, the world-largest information provider on construction machinery industry. Liu Jiansen, General Manager of XCMG Imp.&Exp. Co., Ltd, made a speech on Crane Market Development In China. On the following round-table discussion, Mr. Liu had a profound exchange on crane and transport industry prospect, crane safety, crane standards, etc. with industry experts, wining warm affirmation and praise from the present audience.


Mr. Liu Jiansen responded to questions on the round-table discussion

Mutually-Beneficial & Everlasting Cooperation: XCMG Held The Second Enlarged Conference Of Overseas Market Strategy Advisory Committee In Nanjing

From November 21 to 22, the Second Enlarged Conference of the XCMG Overseas Market Strategy Advisory Committee under the theme of “Mutually-Beneficial & Everlasting Cooperation” was successfully held in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. The XCMG Overseas Market Strategy Advisory Committee and some distributor representatives totaling nearly 100 people gathered together to share the main achievements and development mode of XCMG overseas business and discuss its internationalization strategy and localization operation. At the conference, the participants also exchanged views about the development strategy and cooperation mode of Cross-Border E-commerce as well as new products and business such as automobiles.


Members of XCMG Second Overseas Market Strategy Advisory Committee and Distributor Representatives


XCMG Expands Its Overseas Footprint

XCMG established its overseas branch company successively in Indonesia and Kazakhstan. The grand opening ceremony of XCMG Indonesia was held in Westin Jakarta on May 30, 2017. XCMG Indonesia will support benign development of distributors and promote sustainable development of XCMG in Indonesia, laying a solid foundation for XCMG to increase its influence upon the entire Asia Pacific region.


Opening Ceremony of XCMG Indonesia


Two months later, the opening ceremony of XCMG Kazakhstan was held in Almaty, a southern city of the nation. Mr. Miao Hongbo, Consul-General, Mr. Liu Hongyue, Commercial Counselor of China’s Consulate General in Almaty and XCMG President Mr. Wang Min, Assistant President Mr. Liu Jiansen and other major agents of XCMG in Kazakhstan attended the ceremony. Mr. Liu Jiansen introduced the development history of XCMG in Kazakhstan and the strategic and marketing plans of the company’s local branch, saying that, in future, by joining hands with local distributors, XCMG Kazakhstan Company shall provide local customers with a more perfect one-stop experience and facilitate the sustainable development of XCMG in the country, creating a solid foundation for radiating over the whole Central Asia.


Opening Ceremony of XCMG XuGong Kazakhstan

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XCMG participa do lançamento do “Projeto City’s Book Guarulhos SP 2018”

26 de dezembro de 2017
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A XCMG participou na ultima semana do Coffee-Break & Cerimônia de lançamento do “Projeto City’s Book Guarulhos SP 2018”

O evento contou com autoridades locais, como o Prefeito de Guarulhos Gustavo Henric Costa e a equipe XCMG pode expor algumas de suas máquinas através de uma maquete, além de levar uma palavra aos presentes.

XCMG para Seu Sucesso!

25488278_914400248712276_6425335689472828777_o 25507928_914400228712278_2012444760299457244_n

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Programa de aprendizes da XCMG fomenta futuras lideranças do setor de máquinas para construção

22 de dezembro de 2017
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A terceira temporada do aclamado Programa de Aprendiz da XCMG (“o programa”) saudou cinco aprendizes internacionais participando do projeto “CEO por uma semana”, em que eles vivenciaram a XCMG da perspectiva do CEO, na sede da XCMG em Xuzhou, China.

Os cinco aprendizes, vindos dos EUA, Polônia, Rússia, Malásia e Argélia, foram escolhidos entre mais de 20.000 candidatos de 58 países e regiões – um aumento significativo em relação às duas primeiras temporadas.

“Este programa de uma semana permitiu que os aprendizes vivenciassem a linha completa das ofertas e práticas da XCMG, desde a comercialização de nossos produtos de alto nível, inteligentemente fabricados, para clientes internacionais, à administração de um programa de pesquisa e desenvolvimento de categoria mundial, tudo da perspectiva do homem de negócios”, observou Liu Jiansen, presidente assistente da XCMG e gerente geral da XCMG Import & Export Co. Ltd. “Nós acreditamos que estes cinco futuros CEOs ganharam muitos conhecimentos e inspirações depois de experimentarem a produção de alta qualidade, tecnologia inovadora e o espírito empreendedor da XCMG, de primeira mão”.

Com uma ênfase especial em liderança e desenvolvimento profissional, o programa proporcionou aos aprendizes uma oportunidade de ganhar insights a respeito das operações diárias na XCMG. Eles participaram de negociações simuladas de comercialização internacional, sob o tema da Iniciativa “Cinturão e Estrada”, bem como trocaram ideias sobre tópicos incluindo integração global de pesquisa e desenvolvimento, transformação para manufatura inteligente (IM, sigla em inglês), com Wang Min, diretor e presidente da XCMG, junto com oito CEOs da XCMG e das empresas subsidiárias da XCMG.

Os aprendizes também visitaram o maior edifício fabril combinado do setor de máquinas para construção e o maior laboratório de vibração e ruído da Ásia. Eles também tiveram a chance de operar equipamentos de construção, incluindo a maior carregadeira de tonelagem da China, o LW1200K, e aprenderam como operar impressoras 3D no centro de pesquisa e desenvolvimento (R&D, em inglês).

Lançado em janeiro de 2016, o programa foi criado para oferecer a aprendizes de todo o mundo a oportunidade de saber mais a respeito da XCMG, suas tecnologias inovadoras e influência mundial, enquanto fomenta o intercâmbio internacional e promove a cultura chinesa no setor de máquinas para construção.

Leia mais em:

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XCMG Attended the Annual Meeting of the BRICS Business Council and the BRICS Business Summit

6 de dezembro de 2017
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Between August 31 and September 1, 2017, the 2017 annual meeting of the BRICS Business Council was held in Shanghai, attracting more than 300 representatives from business circle in China, Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa, as well as the BRICS New Development Bank, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and other cooperative organizations.


From September 2 to September 5, the BRICS Business Summit was held in Xiamen. As a member of the BRICS Business Council manufacturing industry group, XCMG was invited to attend the Shanghai meeting of the BRICS Business Council and Xiamen Business Summit.

The 2017 BRICS Business Forum was held in Xiamen

On September 4, Chinese President Xi Jinping attended the Dialogue of BRICS Leaders and the BRICs Business Council, and delivered a keynote speech, Brazilian President Michel Temer, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and South African President Jacob Zuma jointly attended the meeting.


The market potential of BRICS is huge, XCMG has always attached great importance to the exploration and development in the BRICS markets, at present, XCMG has branches in each country of BRICS, conducting independent sales and after-sales service separately. The market share of XCMG products in BRICS has increased year by year, moreover, the products of XCMG are widely acknowledged by local users, which are applied in diverse infrastructure construction projects, such as transportation, energy, etc.

An XCMG ZL30G Was Working in the Recife Saltern in Brazil

An XCMG QY70K-I Truck Crane Participated in the Construction of the World Cup Stadium in St. Paulo, Brazil

An XCMG ZL30G Loader Was Working for the Land Levelling Project in RS State, Brazil

An XCMG XE210 Excavator Was Working for the Factory Area Land Levelling in MG State, Brazil

An XCMG QUYU450 Crawler Crane Was Working in the Construction Site of JINDAL STEEL AND POWER LTD in India

An XCMG QUYU650 Crawler Crane Was Working in the Construction Site of RRELIANCE INFRASTRUCTURE LIMITED in India

An XCMG XZ180 Horizontal Directional Drill Participated in the Development Project in New Delhi Suburb, India

An XCMG FZ-1 Drilling Rig Participated in the World’s Largest Liquefied Natural Gas Project — Yamal LNG Project in Russia

An XCMG QUY180 Crawler Crane Participated in the Construction of Novosibirsk Highway in Russia

An XCMG ZL50G Loader and A TY320 Bulldozer Were Working in the Antarctic Station in Russia

XCMG WL50G Loaders Were Working in Coal Mine in South Africa

An XCMG WL50G Loader Was Shovelling and Packing Sand at the Mining Area in South Africa

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Change or Be Left Behind: XCMG’s Future Plan to Make It to Top 3

6 de dezembro de 2017
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To achieve long-term success, a business must adapt to a changing world. The transformation story of construction machinery giant XCMG began 74 years ago, from a small iron factory to a world-leading enterprise. XCMG currently ranks 7th in the global construction machinery industry, and it’s about time to take one step forward.


“It’s our strategic goal to regain position as world’s top 5 by 2020. After that, XCMG’s goal will be world’s top 3 by 2025, the same year as the first step of ‘Made in China 2025’ policy comes to a perfect end,” shared Group Chairman Mr. Wang Min with great confidence. To implement the ambitious business initiative, the company is planning precisely and executing every step of the plan with devotion. Wang emphasized, “The pursuit of quality, efficiency, scale of business, as well as sustainability are crucial for the future development of XCMG in the upcoming 5 years.”


Going Global Strategy

The Going Global Strategy to deliver high-quality products and services to customers explains XCMG’s growing global presence. Instead of focusing on a short-term exporting surge, XCMG strives to establish a strategic global network, strengthening its long-term competitiveness with a solid foundation. “The strategy must consider innovation, production, sales and spare parts services,” said Wang.


It is expected that the 5 major international centers of China, Germany, America, Brazil and India will continue to master the technology advantages in each geographic location in the future. In addition to innovation, XCMG will work closely and collaborate with dealers to achieve win-win outcomes.


Solving the Core Technical Problems

Renowned for its pioneering spirit, XCMG’s successful self-developed machines includes the world’s largest crawler crane XGC88000 and leading excavator model XE4000. To work its way to the top 3, XCMG strives to create more values.



“The obstacle that we are facing, from being fully acknowledged as a high-end brand, is the remaining 10% unsolved technical problems. The first step is to have technological breakthroughs, followed by management and production structure enhancement. In 2012, XCMG’s income reached 100 billion Yuan, our goal is to reach over 200 billion Yuan by the end of ‘Thirteenth Five-Year’ Plan,” said Wang.


Implementing Market-driven R &D Process

XCMG sees R &D as a market-driven process for the benefit of customers. Earlier this year, XCMG celebrated the 1-year launch of XCMG-Cloud, an inclusive industrial cloud platform with comprehensive industry data built with Alibaba Group. The platform carries out functions such as real-time monitoring and user’s feedback collection, allowing XCMG to respond quickly to market trend.


Furthermore, XCMG will explore more opportunities in the era of Internet+. Intelligent manufacturing, for example, will gradually improve automation, management and computerized systems; hence delivering customized products to each customer at lower prices.


Making It to Top 3

It might be a long and winding road to put vision into action, yet XCMG is prepared for any challenges ahead. “Working hand in hand, we shall win the world’s respect and make XCMG the top of the industry,” Wang encouraged the XCMG family.



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